Visit the Great Bridge Locks

August 25, 2017

Great Bridge Lock Park is situated at a strategic location in Chesapeake, as it sits at the intersection of the Chesapeake Canal and the Elizabeth River. The lock here was designed to keep the salt water and the fresh water of the two waterways separate, and now a 19 acre park also stands in this majestic spot. The park is actually part of a peninsula, which is flanked by the canal and the river on each side, and there are boat ramps, picnic spots and also trails that run along both shorelines. Fishing and crabbing are popular pastimes here for due to the water that surrounds the park, or you can explore the woods that lie in the western section of Great Bridge Lock Park. The Great Bridge Locks Park also boasts great views, public bathrooms, a playground, and a boat dock.

Public Domain/Pixabay/445693
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