Here’s How to Decorate Your Rental Home on a Budget

February 26, 2019

Spring is just around the corner, which means spring cleaning — and maybe a little spring redecorating. If you’re in the mood to refresh your home, but you don’t quite have the funds for all new furniture, here are some tips for adding style and comfort on a small budget. 

Mix up textures. Transform the entire look of a room by adding a new rug or throw pillows to add some color and texture. Try earthy jute rug for a neutral look, colorful throw pillows in varying patterns and tones, or try layering a geometric rug on top of a solid rug for a modern feel. 

Display new art. If your walls are looking bare or you’re simply looking to change things up, create your own DIY, affordable artwork. Download some free printables online, or paint an abstract piece in colors and shapes that you love.  

Breathe new life into secondhand furniture. You don’t have to invest in brand new furniture for your home; instead, work with what you have or buy pieces secondhand and make them your own. Whitewash your wood pieces to make them feel fresh and modern, or mix and match bold colors for an eclectic, vintage vibe. 

Fill your home with natural light. Replace your heavy drapes and curtains with sheer panels or blinds that you can easily pull back in order to maximize the sunlight in the space. Natural light is a great free way to transform a room! 

Buy some plants. Houseplants clean the air, add a pop of color to a room and give you something living to care for in your home. Place a few plants near your windows, or add low-light plants to brighten up a dark corner. 

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