Moving Tips for Military Families and Their Kids

May 20, 2019

Being faced with a big move is difficult for any family, but for a military family, the possibility of moving becomes all the more likely. If your family is being faced with relocation, here are some helpful tips for how to pack, how to talk to your children and how to organize all of your household documents before your move. 

1. Slim down your belongings. Families naturally accumulate a lot of things, from clothing to kitchen supplies to kids’ toys. Before your move, start donating those items that you don’t use anymore and taking stock of everything you’ll actually need in your new home. 

2. Talk honestly with your children. Kids have a harder time adjusting to the idea of moving, so start the conversation early and make sure to keep the lines of communication open and honest. Be there to talk to your children if they need to voice their worries, and frequently check in to see how they’re doing with the idea of moving. 

3. Organize your documents. Invest in a sturdy binder or folder to organize your PCS documents and any other important paperwork relating to your current home and your move. This will be invaluable in the long run if things start to get complicated. 

4. Take photos of everything. Before your move, take photos of all your furniture and valuable items. This way, if anything gets damaged in your move you’ll be able to have proof to show the higher ups. 

5. Label everything. In order to make your unpacking process a bit easier, be sure to group like items together (such as bathroom items, cooking utensils, and children’s items) and label all of your boxes clearly and precisely. 

6. Book childcare for your kids. If you’re worried about watching the kids while you’re packing and organizing for your move, take that extra worry off your plate and ask a friend or family member for some childcare. Your loved ones are likely to want to help as much as they can during this stressful time, and it will take some stress off the kids, as well. 

7. Sign up for programs in advance. If you’ll need childcare or other programs at your new military housing community, get on the wait list well in advance. Don’t wait until you actually arrive, because it can often take weeks or months to enroll in these programs. 

8. Keep things fun! Especially if you have children, it’s important to stay light-hearted and optimistic about your move. Allow yourself to get excited about this new opportunity, and encourage your kids to do the same. 

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